on the ground



Encompasing a set of images that I took in New York during a single afternoon in the heat and humidity of a thunderstorm, On The Ground is self-published and handmade in an edition of 100 - my first foray into making photobooks.

As an avid collector of photobooks, I knew what I wanted, but very quickly realised that every aspect of bringing it to life was fraught with lengthy experimentation, testing and difficult decisions.

The end result is an understated set of stapled pages on very nice coated matte paper. It's simple, elegant and communicates the energy of the images.

It might look 'simple', but hours and hours have gone into making it look like this.

(I didn't exactly copy Good Goddamn by Bryan Schutmaat, but it was certainly inspirational in showing me that 'simple' is OK).

Signed and numbered copies of the book are available for £30 (+p&p). Please contact me for further details.

instagram 3



The latest installment of my printed version of a fundamentally pointless internet photography presence. No one, NO ONE, seriously looks at photos online. It's an emotionless and soul-destroying activity.

When was the last time you looked at your Instagram feed from 2013?

July 2015 to November 2016

You can buy the book here.

A snapshot of bampton



A set of very ordinary photographs of Bampton (Oxfordshire) that formed part of an exhibition hosted by Bampton Community Archive. The whole thing was an antidote to “Downton Abbey Bampton” and very much avoids ‘chocolate box’ images. I always hoped that tourists would buy it.

After Uncommon Places by Stephen Shore.

The book is available for £15 (+p&p) and all proceeds go to Bampton Archive. Please contact me for further details.


instagram 2



Another, fatter book of Instagram photos.

March 2014 to July 2015

You can buy the book here.

89 minutes in new york



This book was the precursor to On The Ground.

Long before I understood what self-publishing was, I created sinlge-copy photobooks via InDesign and Blurb.

If you’d rather have this than the more recent On The Ground, you can buy it here.




Mud, earth, tractor tracks.

Muddy water. Underwater mud.

Wet, dry, algae-covered.

You can buy the book here.




My first, quite slim, volume of Instagram photos.

November 2011 to March 2014

You can buy the book here.

mark having a shave



This 1984 book documents a shave and is based around prints from a single roll of 35mm film printed in the darkroom and pasted into a wire-bound sketchbook.

An edition of 1.

Owned by, and on temporary loan from, Mark Elliott himself.